School is closed for another week… what are we supposed to do?

Some of our K-3 curriculum already has an online component. You should have received an Account Setup link in your email for some of these.

If you do not have internet access at home, you can use internet at the Hot Springs Public Library. Alternately, Charter Communications is currently offering 60 days of broadband and Wi-Fi for households with K-12 and college students. Call 1-844-488-8395 to enroll.

Instructions for Using the Superkids Reading Program Online

“Superkids” is the language arts curriculum that we have been using all year.

Click the button above to login to Superkids online. Use your email address and password. You may need to search your email for an Account Setup email, if you haven’t already. If you need a new passcode, email Mrs. Allen.

On the left side, you will see a menu like this. The “What Your Child Will Learn This Year” tab will be highlighted. There is a note on this page from Mrs. Allen about which unit your child should currently be working on and some of the learning objectives.

The “Resources for Skills and Practice” tab opens up resources for you as a family to help support your child’s learning.

“Frequently Asked Questions” can help if you are having trouble.

“Backpack Pages” opens a page with a long list of all of the Backpack Pages sent home this year. Feel free to use any of those as review.

Down at the bottom, there are 3 different buttons for the Superkids Online Fun app. Choose the appropriate button for a computer (desktop/laptop and Chromebook), iPad, or Android tablets.

Once you open the Superkids Online Fun app, your child can take over and create their character! Have fun learning!

Instructions for Using the Dreambox Learning Math Game

When you click on the link to login, you will see this page. In the “Classroom Code” field, enter the code listed below for your child’s grade:

  • Kindergarten: 12751
  • 1st grade: 42796
  • 2nd grade: 17748
  • 3rd grade: 49473

After that, you should be able to choose your student’s name from the class list and start playing right away. If you don’t see your student, contact Mrs. Allen.

Instructions for Using the ReadingIQ Library

You should have received an email from ReadingIQ with login instructions. Ignore that! Using the button above, login as an Existing Member using Mrs. Allen’s login credentials:


Password: BethesdaLSchool2

DO NOT sign up as a new member! There is a subscription fee for that and we already have access!