Pool Side Reflections: October 2019

Got a question for you all.

What is your dream of God’s purpose for you?

Got an answer for you all.

God’s purpose for us all is that we depend on Him and upon his power now.

If you and I could stay in the middle of turmoil and all things connected to it with calmness and remain unperplexed about any or all of it, that would be the end of the purpose of God in and for us.

You see, unlike our aspiration of working at something with an end in sight and as our goal, God is not working towards any particular finish.

His “end” is the process.

If we can understand that statement it would and does go a long way in the explanation for the doctrine of pre-destination.

To place ourselves at or in another time such as when Jesus walked on the water; We would watch and see Jesus walking on the waves with no shore in sight, no success, no goal, only the absolute certainty that everything is all-right simply because we see Him walking on the water.

You see, it is the process, not the end, which is glorifying to God.

God’s “training,” if you will, is for now, not presently to come. His purpose is usually for this moment, not for something in the future. It seems that we very seldom, if ever, learn that we have nothing to do with the afterwards of things.

We get it wrong when we all the time think of the end or the afterward.

We need to remember that God’s “end” is to enable us to see that he can walk on the waves of our chaotic life right NOW.

If we have any further notion of what the end view of things might be, it is for certain that we are not paying near enough attention to the here and now. God wants the here and now. When we can give him that each moment as it comes is precious. May God so bless us all.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jake