Pool Side Reflections: March 2020

Beginning on Feb. 26th and going on in through March and up to Easter, we celebrate the season of Lent. 

Now, most everybody, I think, knows what Lent is all about…or, maybe I should not assume or presume that.  So, in brief, this month I’m going to explain some of the reason and rhyme of what Lent is.

The Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 40 days (excluding Sundays which are always ‘feast days’ celebrating the resurrection.)  

The word “Lent” originally meant “spring”.  It is traditionally understood to be a time of reflection on Baptism and its basis in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Lent is, therefore, a time for rebirth and renewal in preparation for the celebration of Easter.  The traditional color of Lent is purple, to suggest somberness and solemnity in a time to give attention to purification, spiritual cleansing and deepening of the devotional life of the mind and heart.

In review, and I hope with simplicity, Lent begins with the most solemn day of the year, (Ash Wednesday) and ends with the most glorious day of the year, (Easter).  

In this season of another Lent, may we all find a way and/or method of discovering yet another part of a relationship with our Lord… maybe one that begins with us recognizing and acknowledging our sin and ends up with a glorious celebration on Jesus’ day of Easter and even our own day of Easter.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jake