Instructions for Church Services beginning May 17th

We will be open again for our regularly scheduled Sunday Morning worship starting on May 17th at 9:00AM.

Worship services will continue to be “live streamed” on Facebook and published afterward on Youtube, as we have been doing. For those who are comfortable and desiring to receive the Lord’s gifts in person, we will continue with our regularly scheduled services.

At this point the only activities going on at the church are the Sunday morning Divine Service and a couple of small Bible classes during the week.

General Guidelines

  • We have stopped shaking hands as a regular form of greeting one another.
  • We have placed a stand with a bottle of hand sanitizer and a sign asking for people to “Please clean your hands” in the center of the main entry way of the church. You can’t miss it. We also have other bottles scattered around the narthex.
  • We are encouraging people to maintain a spacing of 6 feet between them and another household leaving an empty pew in front and behind where you sit.
  • We have removed commonly touched items like the Guest Book and Fellowship Registry. We have an Elder mark down who is in attendance for our attendance records.
  • We have removed all hymnals from the pews. They are on a cart at the back to be picked up with a bulletin when you enter into church. On the way out you return your hymnal to a table at the back and the covers are wiped down with a cleaning wipe.


We have placed our offering plates on stands at the back of the nave for people to place their offering in as they enter or leave. It is simply gathered by the treasurer from the plates after service.

The Lord’s Supper

  • We will continue the “option” between partaking of the common cup or individual cup. We will soak our purificator in Everclear. I do this by putting the purificator in a Ziploc bag, pouring enough Everclear on it to wet it, and then placing it behind the altar to be taken out at the time of distribution. Then just use it during distribution as would a dry purificator. 
  • We have spaced the individual cups in the tray to allow more room to take one without your fingers touching others. Use less cups per tray and more trays as necessary.
  • The pastor and assistant use hand sanitizer just prior to distribution.
  • We have decreased the number of people at a table to encourage spacing at the altar rail. This will vary depending on your size. For us, it is 8-10 people per table. Spacing really only needs to be between households not each person.

We look forward to seeing you in person again.

From: Pastor Jake and Elders