Confidence In Reading: A New Summer Reading Program

A new summer reading program is being provided by Bethesda Lutheran School and sponsored by Black Hills Reads and the United Way of the Black Hills. 

Students who have completed kindergarten through second grade are eligible to apply for a summer confidence in reading program. 

Children who don’t read and write during the summer months suffer from what has been labeled summer reading loss. They can lose up to two months of reading development by not reading during the summer. 

Summer reading loss is an issue for all students, especially those that struggle in reading. Students have also lost several months of school on top of the usual summer loss.  We would like to invite families in Hot Springs area to join us. Students will meet with teachers twice a week for four weeks beginning June 1 and finishing on June 24.  Instructional and reading materials will be provided for each student at their reading level.  

Students would be selected by application. Parents would fill in an application form, Bethesda Lutheran School registration paperwork for the 2020-2021 school year and pay the $75 refundable registration fee.

Scholarships are available for the registration fee and for tuition for the school year.  Students new to the school are eligible to apply for Partners in Education grant for tuition for the 2020-2021 school year. After selection, the teachers will interview the parents and students to determine the reading needs.

Books and instructional materials will be purchased specifically for the student. Twice a week the students will meet with teachers, Susan Decker, Reading Specialist and Marianne Allen, Phonics Teacher. It would be our hope that students will attend our primary school in the fall. 

Children who read and write in the summer have the rigor required for the first few weeks of school. Attendance is critical in the primary grades. Starting the fall semester with excitement and a willingness to learn is essential to good school attendance and reading confidence will help to boost this excitement.

Phone Bethesda Lutheran School at 745-6676 during office hours (8am-12pm Monday-Thursday) to get an application form or contact us at the form below.

For further information, contact Susan Decker, 745-5487.