Announcing the Harlan and Mae Niedermyer Scholarship

Harlan and Mae Niedermyer have been residents of Hot Springs for the past 50 years.  They came to Hot Springs to finish up their careers in the healthcare field. Mae was a registered nurse for over 40 years and Harlan ran the X-Ray Department at the VA Medical Center until their retirements in 1979.  

Harlan and Mae are currently both over the age of 100 and would like to establish scholarships to help Fall River area residents that are interested in pursuing a higher degree in the healthcare field.

The recipients for these scholarships will be chosen by a committee from Bethesda Lutheran Church where the Niedermyers were long-time members.  This will be an ongoing scholarship and we encourage you to apply.  Scholarship amounts may vary over time.

Application deadline: April 15, 2020

To be Eligible the Following Criteria Must be Met:

  • Must be working in the healthcare field currently and wish to pursue further studies in healthcare.
  • Must be living in Fall River County and enrolled in a program to further your education in the healthcare field.  There are no limitations on type of healthcare field or school that you plan to attend.
  • Must submit an essay on why you want to further your degree in health care.

Selection will be based on:

Essay-30%   Financial Need-30% Volunteerism/Employment in healthcare field-25%

Activities promoting a Healthy Lifestyle-10%     GPA-5% (if applicable)

Submit with the application:

  • Copy of letter from school showing your registration into program of study
  • Letter of recommendation from community member or supervisor certifying 
  • Essay   
  • Transcript with GPA-if available
  • Application