Announcements for June 4th -June 7th, 2020

Baby Bottle Boomerang-June 2020

Baby Bottle Boomerang—Baby Bottle Boomerang will begin next Sunday on June 14th.  The Baby Bottle Boomerang event supports the Black Hills Pregnancy Center. Take home a baby bottle and return it filled with coins, currency, or checks.  Did you know that Black Hills Pregnancy Center has saved 22 babies’ lives in 2020 so far?  Please help to support this life saving work!  All bottles will be collected on Sunday, June 28th and Sunday, July 5th.

Voters Meeting Update-May 31st

By Jeff Beougher-Secretary

*Pastor will be retiring on the last Sunday in Aug,2020

*April Revenue:  $15345.20   Expense:  $25220     Deficit ($9874.96)

*Ron Foster will be mowing the church yard    *BLS has 12 students so far for next year      A close up of a flower

Description automatically generated*Kortney Hall was voted onto the School Board.  One more nominee is still needed.  Position can be filled by a member or non-member affiliated with the school.

*Organ fund goal is reached.

*Roof fund for flat roof estimate $125,872.00;    The Niedermyer will has designated money to the roof savings fund.  More bids will be accepted for a trussed roof before a final decision is made on the course of action.

*Susan Decker, Jackie Henck & John Merrill will serve on committee looking into video and recording equipment to provide better spiritual care for those not able to make it to worship. A close up of text on a white surface

Description automatically generatedReminder-Church Now Meeting In Sanctuary   The Bethesda Lutheran Church service will meet at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 7th.  Safety precautions will be adhered to as listed on website and the insert in the bulletin.